RWLK: short at $18, niche market, oversupply of liquidity

I shorted the RWLK when it was at IPO hype of $38, and all the way to $16. Most recently, RWLK reported huge sales growth in Q4 (283% YoY growth from $0.4m to $1.5m) and stock prices rose above $18.

If you give a second look at the market and product, the company is not worth $200m. The only product is exoskeleton for people who lost mobility. Similar as EYES, the company has a long way to go from being profitable; current market cap only reflects Irrational exuberance in the sectorRead More »


TRUE: short at $18, a lot of upside priced in

TrueCar (TRUE) is a website that shows car buyers what others are paying and consumers could walk to their TrueCar Certified Dealers with a certificate to get a guaranteed saving.

The company always presents itself as a disruptor and should be on the headline of TechCrunch, but in the end is JUST another lead generation business. It doesn’t have the necessary moat, and too much upside is priced in.Read More »

EYES: short at $17 – uneconomic business, pump-and-dump

The company makes the Argus II device that helps ER patients to regain partial vision by transmitting computer processed video images to an array of electrodes placed on the retinal surface.

There are a thousand reasons it is temporary hype, and potentially pump and dump scheme. The recent price movement is unfounded.

The hype may well continue. Patience and tenacity are required.

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